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The Story Of Marjoe (englisch)

As a 4-year old child Marjoe Gortner was coaxed and coached by his mother to ‚preach the gospel‘ – he had an obvious flair about him even at such a young age. He thrilled the crowds at the revivals and other venues where he ‚preached‘.
He continued through his early teens until he had had enough. He dropped out for a number of years but found himself broke, so he went back again to what he did so well as a youngster. This time though, he started feeling a bit guilty, because you see, Marjoe didn’t really believe in that which he preached! He felt that he was ‚conning‘ people out of their hard earned pay and decided to tell what really went on in the evangelical ‚business‘ in which he worked. This movie was a part of that decision. He later went on to act and do other things. He is still alive in 2011. This film won an Academy Award in 1972 so you see, this predated the televangelist movement that swept through the 70’s and really kicked off in the 1980’s.