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The Real Football Factories International – Poland

During this film Dyer visits Poland, a country which has been saddled with the yoke of oppression throughout its history. At the beginning of his journey, he heads to Gdańsk where he meets Lechia’s supporters Chuligani Wolnego Miasta – a firm that helped to abolish the communist regime. He then travels on to Kraków to sample the The Holy War (pol. Święta Wojna) – the Kraków derby between Cracovia and Wisła. First he meets one of Cracovia hooligans groups – Anty Wisła, later he meets Sharks (main of Wisła’s hooligans firm). On October 28, 2006, Danny experienced what The Holy War really is.

In the stadium, a fight broke out between Cracovia hooligans and the police. During the 18 months leading up the derby, eight fans have died due to football-related violence in Kraków, a city also ominously known, in hooligan circles, as The City of Knives. Dyer wanted to talk with two main groups of Polish ultras – Legia’s TB’95 and Lech’s LPH, but they refused to meet with him on television.
Danny leaves Poland reflecting on a country whose football violence problem appears to be stuck in a 1980s time warp.