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The Real Football Factories International – Brazil

Brazil is considered to be one of the most violent societies in the world; a society with a high murder rate. Brazilian football is rife with passion and brutality. In Rio de Janeiro Dyer visits the Raça Rubro Negra, a Torcida group from Flamengo. He learns that in Brazil the firms are waging war, with guns and shootings commonplace. In Porto Alegre he meets one more torcida group, Geral do Grêmio of Grêmio, and he attends a game between the team and Flamengo.

In São Paulo he meets the torcida group, Mancha Verde (Green Stain) of Palmeiras who he travels with to Rio de Janeiro. During the trip gun violence is experienced first hand as they come under fire from a rival group from Botafogo. In São Paulo he also meets the Hawks of the Faithful (Gaviões Da Fiel in Portuguese), which is the second biggest firm in Brazil.