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The Queen of Trees

The remarkable story of an African fig tree and the special relationship it has with a tiny insect partner. One can withstand a river in flood, the other can drown in a dewdrop.

„The fig tree and fig wasp differ in size a billion times over, but neither could exist without the other. Their extraordinary relationship is a pinnacle of co-evolution, and the basis of a complex web of dependency that supports animals from ants to elephants. Each individual fig is a microcosm – a stage set for birth, sex and death as the tiny players battle against predators and parasites to fulfill their mission. It is one of the most amazing stories in the natural world – a tale of intrigue and drama, set against grand Africa and it’s wildlife“. (Written by Mark Deeble)

The Fig Wasp is so small that it can fly through the eye of a needle.

Directors: Mark Deeble, Victoria Stone
Writer: Mark Deeble

Production Companies:
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) (co-produciton),
Flat Dog Productions,
Granada International (co-produciton),
NHK (co-produciton),
WNET (co-produciton),
Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) (co-produciton)

Release Date:22 November 2005 (UK).
Filming Locations:Tsavo West, Kenya.

I did not make this film nor do i claim any copyright over it.