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The Making Of Modern Britain – The Great War (BBC HD Documentary)

Propped up by familiar but endlessly haunting footage from the trenches, Andrew Marr tackles the Great War and its repercussions in the third part of his captivating history series. His authoritative, newshound tone and an unfussy script help make this accessible but never simplistic. Marr balances a behind-closed doors examination of Asquith’s cabinet (and later, Lloyd George’s parliamentary „dictatorship“) with a look at life on the Western Front and how working in munitions factories changed women’s lives forever. We’re also reminded that the German zeppelin-bombing raids on London, though they killed far fewer than the Blitz, were arguably more horrifying. People had only just become used to planes, when they were confronted with 500-foot balloons, nicknamed „Baby Killers“, „lobbing death“.