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The Mafia Godfathers – John Gotti & Salvatore Riina (National Geographic HD Documentary)

The Full Documentary on the 2 Most Notorious Italian Mafia Bosses the World has ever seen. John Gotti was head of the Gambino Family in New York City which was the most powerful family at the time. He was nicknamed the Teflon Don because he was very hard to convict, getting acquitted by jury decision not guilty on 4 seperate occasions. The other half of the full documentary details the life of Toto Riiina, Sicily’s most powerful mafia boss who got the nickname „The Beast“ because he had ordered the deaths of hudreds of men and commited thousands of atrocities.The Documentary includes many interviews with former mafia associates, John Gotti’s lawyer, FBI agents and the sister of Giovanni Falcone, the most well known Anti-Mafia judge in Italy who was assasinated on the orders of Toto Riina.