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The Golden Hour – Medics in Afghanistan (ABC Documentary)

Anyone who grew up in the 70s and had a television also grew up with M.A.S.H. – the black comedy about a bunch of US medical staff at a mobile surgical hospital in the Korean War. The series premiered in 197 and the 1983 finale still ranks as one of the most-watched television of all time.

When reporter Mark Corcoran stepped out of a helicopter in a remote outpost of Afghanistan in January, he walked into a modern-day, real-life version of M.A.S.H. Here though the world weary cast of cynical and conniving characters are replaced with what looks like youthful exuberance and sophisticated clinical precision.

Many of the men and women in Mark’s story were not even born when M.A.S.H. was on air.
Two thirds of those fighting in Afghanistan were still in school when George W. Bush declared war on the Taliban more than 8 years ago.