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The Genius Of Design: Machines of Death (englisch – BBC Doku)

The Genius of Design examines the Second World War through the prism of the rival war machines designed and built in Germany, Britain, the USSR and the USA, with each casting a fascinating sidelight on the ideological priorities of the nations and regimes which produced them. From the desperate improvisation of the Sten gun, turned out in huge numbers by British toy-makers, to the deadly elegance of the all-wood Mosquito fighter-bomber, described as ‚the finest piece of furniture ever made‘, the stories behind these products reveal how definitions of good design shift dramatically when national survival is at stake.

The military machines designed for combat in the Second World War by Germany, Britain, the USSR and America, and what their development says about the nations‘ ideological priorities. Featuring the improvised design for the Sten gun that was mass-produced by toy-makers, and the Mosquito fighter-bomber, which was described as ‚the finest piece of furniture ever made‘, with comment by veteran Peter Gudgin and designer Michael Graves
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