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Stratasphere: A Portrait of Teresa Stratas

In this magnificent documentary, Canadian-born soprano Teresa Stratas tells the story of her life, from her humble beginnings in a Greek family in Toronto to her triumphs on the greatest operatic stages of the world, to her conflictual relationship with her voice, fame, life and obsession with death, to her soul-searching trips to India and year devoted to helping Mother Teresa at the hospital for the dying children in Calcutta. She demonstrates the many meanings one can give to a simple musical sentence (from Kurt Weill’s „Mahagonny“), and we see her rehearsing with Franco Zeffirelli in the privacy of her Manhattan apartment the final scene of Puccini’s „Boheme“, in which she acts, or rather is Mimi with an intensity that is reminiscent of this other demented Greek soprano, Callas. No ordinary Prima Donna (is there such a thing ?), Stratas is a multi-faceted character, – see here the intelligence, sensitivity, talent, commitment and courage of this exceptional Artist.

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