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Royal Marines Mission Afganisthan – Venus Fly Trap (Channel 5 Documentary)

A massive effort by the coalition forces to return the village of Loy Manda to its former prosperity is underway. L Company patrol the area around the semi-deserted village. Their task is to act as a magnet to draw enemy aggression away from the restoration work.
The old bazaar at Loy Manda is being cleared of hundreds of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) by the Royal Engineers whilst a British Female Engagement Team (FET), drawn from the British Army and the Royal Navy, are trying to persuade Afghan women to take an active part in rebuilding the community. For this work to succeed and for the people to feel safe enough to return to their homes, the Taliban must be kept away at all costs. The marines at Toki are in constant danger from Taliban attack as well as the countless IEDs that riddle the areas they must patrol every day. The marines have already lost four men in the protection of Loy Manda but they must continue to take the fight to the enemy. After a tense patrol lasting four hours the marines start to intercept Taliban radio traffic. From this they can tell the enemy is nearby, watching and waiting to attack. The trap is set – but will it all go according to plan?