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Robert Moog: Inventor of the Synthesizer

This documentary is a true asset to mankind. Robert Moog was a great man. One of my heros, and to me he is an absolute legend. This documentary goes through the times, places and artists when the synthesizer was invented, and what took place, also little interesting things from Moog, such as he said he could „feel“ what’s going on inside electronic equipment(or something along those lines). Of course covers the man who invented the synthesizer, who is a beautiful person IMHO. You can feel it in his voice alone (I can anyway) 🙂

I am posting this video under fair use for education and review purposes and not profiting from it in any way. I feel the value of historical review, awareness of this man’s wonderful accomplishments, and education of who was behind the synthesizer outweighs any copyright laws. Also I doubt the film maker would mind… 🙂

Others may not share the same enthusiasm for the synthesizer as I do. It is one of my favorite things in existence, and Moog is absolutely one of my most respected and favorite people in the history of the known universe. 🙂

Much much respect for Hans Fjellestad for doing this wonderful work before Moog passed away… I don’t know Hans but I already love the guy… :]

Moog Documentary website: http://www.zu33.com/moog/