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Richard Dawkins: BBC Horizon – The Blind Watchmaker (BBC Doku 1987 – englisch)

Produced in 1987 by Jeremy Taylor and Richard Dawkins for BBC HORIZON series. It was based on Dawkins‘ same named book and won the Sci-Tech Award for Best Science Documentary of the year.

Description from the BBC’s education catalogue: „…The evidence proposed is well-organized and current. The video first presents creationist ideas, articulated by Texans who support the theory of special creationism, and then provides vivid contradictory data through observation, computer simulations, robotics, experiments and close examination of designs in nature. Its central argument is that the diversity and variety we see in such complex adaptations as the eye and insect mimicry can best be explained by cumulative natural selection over long periods of time. With its vivid blend of argument and scientific detail, The Blind Watchmaker will enrich even the most advanced student’s view of evolution.“

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