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Nature – Alligators Crocodiles (PBS HD Documentary)

Some amuse us, others terrify us. They slither, swim, walk and crawl, leap and lunge, and some spend their entire lives contained within a shell. Their ranks include some of the most skillful predators on Earth. And their long-departed dinosaur ancestors are an unending source of fascination to humanity, both in fiction and scientific endeavor. They are “The Reptiles,” the fascinating subjects of a four-part NATURE miniseries. With guidance from leading experts on Alligators and Crocodiles, the first episode reveals that the world of these creatures is a lot more complex than we ever imagined. Some of the most surprising sequences reveal that the crocodile is not only the ultimate predator in the natural world but also a highly intelligent animal. The prorgam explores what the future holds for these living dinosaurs.

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