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Mythos Wald: Tierparadies und Schattenreich & Der Kampf ums Licht (HD Doku – englisch – komplett)

Episode 1: Tierparadies und Schattenreich
No matter whether it grows on sandy ground along the sea coasts or on sheer rock high up in the mountains, whether on swampy lowlands along the rivers and streams or on sunny hillsides: with its up to 4,500 species of flora and mushrooms and its almost 7,000 species of fauna, the forest is one of the most species-rich living space in our latitudes. Equally numerous are the fairytales and legends about the forest. However, neither the fairies, nor the witches, dwarfs and giants in those stories can match reality. This film presents a collection of bizarre curiosities.

Episode 2: Der Kampf ums Licht
The forest is a place which seems familiar, however, some of its secrets still remain undisclosed. The forest is at the same time a paradise for animals as well as a hostile realm of shadows. Meanwhile we slowly realize: a true natural wood needs counterparts which provide light and warmth in its inner spaces. Only then, the forest will become a green universe with an exuberant richness of plants and animals and a world full of great and small miracles.

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