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Men Of Rock – Deep Time (BBC HD Documentary)

Professor Iain Stewart traces the story of how the landscape of Scotland revealed to the world how the planet works. A band of pioneer geologists in Scotland were the first to work out the true age of the Earth, measure earthquakes, understand supervolcanoes, discover the ice ages and explain how continents move around the surface of the planet. This new three-part series takes us through the latest science about the Earth and shows how these early mavericks and visionaries came up with revolutionary ideas that changed scientific understanding of the world forever.

Deep Time: Iain Stewart follows in the footsteps of the founding father of geology, James Hutton. This Scottish rogue was a profound and original thinker who, 250 years ago, overturned ancient beliefs about how and when the world was formed. His ideas clashed with those of the most eminent scientist of his day. Lord Kelvin was determined to prove Hutton wrong.

Moving Mountains: Iain finds out how gung-ho geologist Edward Bailey discovered Scotland was once home to super volcanoes. And how unsung hero Arthur Holmes solved the mystery of what makes continents move across the surface of the globe. Iain takes a close look at the Old Man of Stoer, one of the highest sea stacks in Britain, and we learn how the Victorians came up with an ingenious device to show how mountains can be made.

The Big Freeze: In the final episode, Iain finds out about daredevil scientist Louis Agassiz, who first imagined the world had been gripped by an ice age. Plus, the story of humble janitor James Croll, who used the planets to work out the natural rhythms of the earth’s climate, and discovered the causes of ice ages. Iain climbs down a crevasse, echoing the actions of daredevil scientist Louis Agassiz, who almost died from his experiment.