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Kingdom of the Forest (National Geographic Documentary)

Vast primeval forests once stretched across almost all of Northern Europe. Centuries of development have destroyed most of these forests, but in places, ancient woodland has survived. Green monuments to a forgotten age offering a glimpse into a distant world. In this high definition special, we delve deep into these ecosystems and explore the complex balance of flora and fauna that maintains them.

The temperate forest of Northern and Central Europe is home to an abundance of wildlife. It is a stage for wild dramas, from the fierce fighting of the boar, the rutting season of the red deer, the playing of fox cubs and the nocturnal hunt of the eagle owl. The full range of large and and charismatic mammals and birds are captured, with fascinating insights into hunting, reproduction and other behaviour. We also explore the hidden elements of the woodlands, using the long-term time lapse, super slow-motion and extreme macro photography. Incredible footage of plant life through the seasons brings the spectacular yearly cycle to life.