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FC Barcelona: The Inside Story (BBC Documentary)

Barcelona Football Club, ‚Barça‘, in 2003 suffered its worst crisis in its 100 years history, that forced its then President, Joan Gaspart, to resign. On the 15th of June, a group of prestigious professionals and millionaires, under the leadership of a young lawyer, Joan Laporta, won the club elections with the promise of a radical change. With renewed passion and a global philosophy on football business, they intend to rescue Barcelona Football Club from economical and sportive disaster.

Barcelona Confidential F.C is the inside story of the challenge faced by several newcomers in order to save Barcelona Football Club. Joan Laporta, the President, and the four Vice-presidents; Sandro Rosell, the sports guru; Ferran Soriano, the accounts man; and Marc Ingla, a marketing expert, are the main protagonists of the documentary, and we shall live with them their challenge. Private meetings, negotiations, decision making procedures…. We shall live the day to day of the club’s transformation, we will get to know the human beings behind the public personages and we shall follow their evolution on their first season at the head of Barça management.