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Coral Reef Adventure (HD Documentary)

Coral Reef Adventure is the third installment of oceanic, ecologically themed IMAX films produced by MacGillivray/Freeman Company, and it introduces us to Husband and Wife team Howard and Michele Hall. Howard is not new to the IMAX format; having director two IMAX films himself (Island of Sharks and Into the Deep Journey). On this journey Howard and Michele escort us to the ocean depths to educate us on the coral reefs, the sea creatures that inhabit them, and the symbiotic nature between them. They also teach us how the coral reefs can benefit humans as a source of medicine. They walk us through the process of planning a 10 month expedition through the islands of the South Pacific to explore the declining reefs, and the failing health of the earth’s oceans. They explain the dangers of deep sea diving, as illustrated by their story of Howard getting the bends, and nearly not recovering from the incident. Later in the film they take a deep dive of 350ft, and while on that dive that camera folds under the crushing pressure of the water at that depth.

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