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Combat Vietnam – Tank Attack

That is, this documentary seemed to have been coupled together from Military newsreel archives from the actual Vietnam conflict (pre 69, I think), and was deviod of the usual retrospective look at the war. Listening to the voice-overs, the war was already won – by the US. Some fill-in sections (to keep each episode to the 30 minute mark) was in some cases filled with un-narrated segments, but rather than adding sound effects, they had someone on a synthesizer making a pretty corn-ball „score“ (for lack of a more accurate term describing the embarassing sounds that accompanied the images in this case). Fortunately, these segments were pretty far between. From a military equipment perspective, I actually learnt a few things from it. For starters, they showed the Marines amphibous APC, one which had a brief shot in Coppola’s „Apocalypse Now“, which I had previously thought was not hardware used in Vietnam. Definitely a worthy purchase for Vietnam era miliraty buffs.

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