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Biography- Santa Claus

The modern interpretation of Santa has come a long way from Holland’s Sinter Klaus of the 15th and 16th Century. Follow the spirit of Christmas through all his guises. A celebration of wonder, enchantment and delight, Santa Claus is one of the most beloved figures in the history of mankind. Though old and enduring in his religious roots, Santa is equally an emblem of a secular spirit and the instant evocation of generosity, kindness and good will towards man. Adored by children of all lands, Santa indeed keeps the child alive in all of us and does so with humour and warmth, but not without an eye to the realities of a changing world. In fact, it is a testament to the importance of this symbol, that throughout the ages, Santa has prevailed intact – he is a citizen of the world. Santa Claus continues to create instantaneous mirth and joy. He brings out our best selves and has given that gift repeatedly to generations of children throughout time. So, it is not only the „being naughty or nice“ that’s important, it is the imbuing of the idea of giving that makes Santa so special.

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