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Atlantis Uncovered – BBC

Part 1 of a two part Horizon special explores the mystery of whether Atlantis really did exist. Was there really, 1 000 years ago, a fabulous city whose people had already evolved all the trappings of civilisation – sophisticated culture and society, writing, astronomy, religion, monument-building – while everyone else was still living in the Stone Age?

Jacqueline Smith’s film explores whether this popular, yet controversial idea could be true. It examines the mysterious similarities between ancient cultures, and traces the fascinating scientific evidence that shows why the theory of Atlantis has been rejected by mainstream science. ‚You could summarise it by saying it’s a load of codswallop‘, says Prof. Colin Renfrew. Cutting edge archaeology, geophysics, chemistry, and carbon dating show that there was no single source for all civilisation – that civilisations evolved independently, in many different places, at different times throughout history. Horizon reveals compelling research that traces the true origins of these far-flung cultures, and explains the apparent coincidences that so intrigue us all.

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