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Apollo / NASA Moon Landing Hoax – Mythbusters – Discovery Channel

This episode was based on the urban legend/conspiracy theory which claims that NASA never landed men on the moon, and instead the achievement was intentionally faked for one reason or another.
Apollo Conspiracy Theorists are BUSTED!!!

One of the NASA photos is fake because the shadows of the rocks and lunar lander are not parallel. – BUSTED by MythBusters!!!

One of the NASA photos is fake because Neil Armstrong can be clearly seen while in the shadow of the lunar lander. – BUSTED by MythBusters!!!

A flag cannot flap in a vacuum. – BUSTED by MythBusters!!!

A clear footprint cannot be made in vacuum because there is no moisture to hold its shape. – BUSTED by MythBusters!!!

The film of the astronauts moonwalking is actually film of the astronauts skipping in front of a high-framerate camera, slowing down the picture and giving the illusion they are on the Moon. – BUSTED by MythBusters!!!

The Apollo astronauts left behind special equipment on the Moon like reflectors that scientists can bounce lasers off of. – CONFIRMED by MythBusters!!!

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