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Animal Armageddon – Panic In The Sky (Discovery Channel HD Documentary)

Wildfires, acid rain, earthquakes, global darkness, and snow storms spell death for the dinosaurs during their last year. In the first 24 hours after the asteroid impact, wildfires consume much of the United States around the Gulf of Mexico. Later, weather patterns bring sulphur and acid rain, killing off many animals on land and sea. After the rain stops days later, the world is engulfed completely in total darkness for up to 4 months, long enough to kill of most of the plant life, and all the herbivores starve to death, and also it is too dark for herbivores to see to feed. After the darkness has cleared, global temperatures drop to freezing worldwide. A year after the asteroid impact, earth is close to be a dead planet: every dinosaur, pterosaur, ammonite and marine reptile is now extinct, the sea is almost lifeless, just a few species of fish and sharks remain. Years later, life on earth slowly recovers as the Purgatorius from the previous episode emerges.

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