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Alaska: Spirit of the Wild (IMAX HD Documentary)

Whether or not we reach Alaska, we all want to know that such a place exists“ – and it seems almost impossible that such a place does exist. Humpback whales, Wolves, Salmon, Buffalo, Musk Ox, Bears, Sea lions, Caribou, Bald Eagles, Polar Bears, Moose and Man – just a few of the stars of ALASKA. The variety of life in Alaska is overwhelming – enough to provide material for a score of Big Movies (in fact, it has.) In ALASKA, director George Casey shows real grace whether depicting Humpback whales on a herring hunt or Natives on a whale hunt. The film conveys a consistent spirit of awe and curiosity. Thankfully, ALASKA is not a laundry list of spectacular animals – but a tribute to one of nature’s last purely wild landscapes. Survival is the deceptively straightforward theme – strategies for braving Alaska’s extremes and reaping its riches link and distinguish all forms of life here. ALASKA sets the standard for Large Format nature documentaries – too many of which are episodic, derivative and thematically cobbled together. ALASKA’s science is broad, but its best lessons are not meant to be of the classroom variety – sheer exposure to raw and beautiful nature is the point.

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