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3D SUN (IMAX/NASA 3D Doku – englisch)

3D Sun is a new film which was released in digital 3D theaters beginning in Summer 2007, and will launch in IMAX theaters beginning with the Smithsonian Air & Space’s IMAX 3D theater in March 2008. 3D Sun will give audiences the chance, for the first time ever, to see the sun up close in dazzling, high-definition 3D. Leading NASA scientists from the mission unveil these images and take us behind the scenes to tell the story of the Sun and why a greater understanding of this dynamic star is of crucial importance to us all.

Stand above the arctic circle and witness the most brilliant auroras on Earth. Take a ride on a solar blast from Sun’s surface to Earth’s Magnetosphere. Witness the most powerful explosions in the solar system – equal to the force of a billion megaton nuclear bombs. And find out how these explosions disrupt electronic equipment, create geomagnetic storms and influence weather patterns on Earth.